Rewards Selection Policy

We are constantly searching for new and exciting rewards to present to you and it is really important that we make sure we are being as ethical and ecologically considered as possible in that selection. 

Our Rewards Selection Policy is evolving with our investigations into new sustainable technologies and is intended to work in line with our customers’ expectations.

Everything in our Rewards Shop has been carefully assessed by us (the Local Green Points team) and it is then approved by our independent Sustainability Advisory Panel. Our aim is to provide you with a broad range of products, services and experiences that are truly sustainable. We have done the leg-work to make sure that everything meets the criteria below in one way or another, to help you enjoy a greener lifestyle.

However as with most things in life, green is not black and white! So for example some products may have been transported from another continent thereby adding transport miles to their carbon footprint, such as hemp and bamboo products which mainly originate in Asia, but there will be other environmental benefits that we feel more than outweigh the transport miles.

Similarly, a solar powered phone charger may be made from mainly synthetic materials but it also showcases technology that utilises renewable energy and is therefore leading the way in sustainable innovation. As we say, going green is not always black and white.

Two or more of the following statements must apply to all products in our rewards shop:

1. Promote and encourage a greener lifestyle.

2. Is fairly traded, ensuring all parties involved in the supply chain are treated and paid fairly.

3. Is produced in a way that reduces the impact the raw materials and production have on the environment.

4. Is produced using organic, sustainable or recycled raw materials, or is grown in an organic environment.

5. Aids energy saving or provides energy for the consumer from sustainable sources such as solar and wind power.

6. Does not use or release harmful chemicals during the manufacturing process.

7. Is easily recyclable or biodegradable at the end of its useable life.

8. Is manufactured locally and/or is transported efficiently.

9. Is not tested on animals.

10. Uses peat-free compost as its growing medium.

We will not consider any reward which encourages gambling, excessive drinking or pornography; we asked some of our local authority partners and our Sustainability Advisory Panel about spending points on entries into prize draws and they all felt strongly there was a risk this would be perceived as gambling.

Our carbon offset products are chosen because they deliver real CO2 reductions as well as community benefits.

Our charities are selected for their work with environmental, social, community and educational issues.

If you are a supplier of products that fulfill the above criteria, we would love to hear from you. Please send an email to [email protected] with your details.


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